Friday, February 26, 2016

I Love Mornings, and You Can Too!

It’s 4:53 am and I’ve already been up for well over an hour.  Crazy, I know.  I’ve tidied up the kitchen, made coffee, transferred laundry from the washer to the dryer, straightened up school papers, put a few socks into the laundry hamper, and surfed the web.  

And do you know what?  I’m not even tired.  It is so energizing to have this blissful, quiet time to myself, to spend on myself.  Those who are not morning people may not ever understand the sheer joy there is in waking up while it is dark, getting an early start on my day, sitting, sipping my favorite coffee, reading, writing, or just web surfing.   It’s so PEACEFUL.  No one is up to pull on me, to ask for help with ANYTHING.  No homework to find, no hair to braid, no meals to prepare, nothing to search for.  That will all start in another hour.  
Some people call it insomnia. I know hormones play a part in the fact that I rarely sleep in past 4:30 am, no matter what time I go to bed.  When you wake up refreshed and get a jump on the day before anyone else, when you get to experience the gift of a sunrise through your window every morning, there are no words.

Early morning, while those I love most are still snug in their beds, I welcome the new day with you, my Savior, and a mug of hot coffee.  

And although I may never make the top ten or twenty on the FMF posts, (usually too tired to even check for the prompt Thursday night) Friday is here.  And I’m up, enjoying the still, quiet dark of a new day dawning.