Friday, January 15, 2016


I read a great book about a year ago called Half-Time,by Bob Buford..  Basically, it’s a term he gave to that “aha” moment when we actually pause a little bit and start asking some serious questions.

Where did the time go?
How in the world did I get to be this old?
How did the days actually drag by slowly and the years pass so quickly?
What did I actually accomplish during this time?
Whose lives did I impact?
Have I made a difference in this world yet?
How much time, worry, and energy was spent on myself?
If I were to be called home tomorrow, and I had to give an account of the time spent on Earth, what would I say?

This pause, this time of reflection he had called “Half-Time,” I had felt and experienced.  I hadn’t really known what it was, but I so identified with the description.

I think it first hit when my oldest daughter was graduating from high school, set to make her mark on the world.  That was a pivotal time for me when I first really internalized the possibility that I wouldn’t be just a “mom” forever.  That thing that I had dreamed of becoming since the time I was old enough to hold my first “baby” had a beginning and an end.  My kids would not always be home with me, needing me.  I was more than a mom.  But what was it?  

Since then I have purposed in my heart to find out what “it” was.  It’s a process.  I’m not sure there is any one answer for me.  I am positive there are many answers to this question for others.

But the pause, the “Half-Time” is a good thing.  Time to assess and adjust.  To purpose.  
And a new resolve to not squander the second half of the short time I have left.

What about you?  Have you reached your Half-Time yet?